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‘Walking Dead’ Breathes Life Into Small Georgia Town

The Walking Dead gives life back to small town in Georgia

‘Walking Dead’ Breathes Life Into Small Georgia Town
Photo Credit: AMC/Wikipedia

AMC hit a gold mine when they premiered their original series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ in November of 2010. The show became an instant hit and has fans on the edge of the seats every single episode, Why zombies have become such a phenomena in America will always remain a mystery, but there it is zombies are making a major comeback. ‘The Walking Dead,’ is unique because nearly every season has been filmed in a different location. The first season took place at a wood side camping ground where the survivors of the apocalypse hid out from the zombies, or “Walkers,” as they are called on the show. The second season took place on a farm and the third inside a jail and in a town the show called, “Woodbury.”

This town caused quite the stir on the show with the introduction of the “Governor,” a seemingly kind man helping survivors find shelter from the Walkers. However, it is quickly revealed that the Governor is not the kind-hearted man he seems to be. This town and the jail used in the third season of the hit series were found in Grantville, Georgia a relatively quiet town that has been welcoming out-of-towners who are interested in visiting the place where their favorite show filmed. The town of Grantville has portions of ruins and this is where location scouts choose to film the show’s last season.

The actors took in the perfect nature of the town both during and in between scenes. Chandler Riggs who plays one of the younger characters, keeps busy in between scenes by watching as trains destroy coins he placed on the railroad tracks nearby. Visitors descend on the town when the show is not being filmed to take pictures and imagine what it would be like with Walkers overtaking the areas. Grantville and Senoia, two relatively empty towns in Georgia have put themselves on the map simply by allowing a film crew to come in a film one of the most popular television shows of the new millennium. Many set tours in Atlanta have been created to help keep the visitor flow more organized and structured. Tourists from all over the world including Australia, New York, Alabama and even people living in other parts of Atlanta have come to the small towns to put themselves in the scenes of the show without having to fight the Walkers. Of course, there is always the hope that they will get to see their favorite actor filming a scene or simply walking around in between takes.  

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