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Weirdest American Restaurants

Dine in some unique restaurants 

Weirdest American Restaurants
Photo Credit: Daniel Chyan of Magic Restroom Cafe

Food is something that everyone enjoys and frankly needs and the idea of going out and having someone else cook for you is both exciting and desirable. With all of the creativity that human beings have it is no surprise that some of the restaurants in the world are quite unique and unusual. We thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the weirdest restaurants America has to offer.


The Cave in Richland, MO – This unique dinning experience allows diners to get an idea of dinning in a cave similar to the Bat cave. The restaurant holds approximately 250 diners and overlooks the Gasconade River. Some of their food items include fried pickles, breaded mac ‘n’ cheese, jalapeno poppers and much more.

Ninja in New York City – Ever wondered what it would be like to dine under intense suspense and under the stealth eye of a real Ninja? Well at Ninja in New York City you can do just that. This unique location brings diners into the heart of the Ninja world and you never know just when a ninja will jump out and surprise you. Some of their food offerings include Black Angus teriyaki steak with risotto and of course sushi options.

Harvey Washbangers in College Station, TX – Do some laundry while grabbing a bite to eat, all in the same place. It seems strange but it has been working quite well for College Station residents. Some of their menu items include the Frito pie burger and of course you can’t forget the fries.

Bors Hede Inne in Carnation, WA – This restaurant is in the heart of a Camlann Medieval Village where you can feel as though you’ve been transported back to 1376. Everything about this restaurant makes diners feel as though they truly were taken to the 1300s including the waiter’s period costumes. Items to keep in mind include their Courde in temp de noir, which translates to salmon with a hazelnut sauce.

Magic Restroom Café in Los Angeles – No you’re not reading this wrong, there is a restaurant in Los Angeles, California themed like the porcelain throne. The restaurant has seats that are non-functioning toilets and of course they serve their most popular dish, beef stew in curry rice, in their miniaturized toilet bowls. Their suggested dish is chocolate ice cream, which in Chinese translates as, “black poo toilet ice cream.” Sounds appetizing don’t it?

The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO – This is one flight that even the most terrified flyers don’t have to worry about. The restaurant invites diners to eat in a decommissioned 1953 Boeing KC-97, a military plane complete with a full bar. The menu of course is themed towards aviation including their Air Tower nachos and the Philly Flyer sandwich.

Opaque in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Dallas, San Diego and New York  - Ready for a truly unique dinning experience? Check out this restaurant that serves a three-course prix fixe meal in absolute, total darkness. This enhances all the other senses and gives the diner a more intense sensation when they eat each item. One item highly recommended on the menus is the grilled salmon with coconut curry.


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