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Welcome To The Club Soon To Be Nexus 6 Owners

The Nexus 6 Will Be Google's First "Phablet" Sized Smartphone
Welcome To The Club Soon To Be Nexus 6 Owners

MOTOROLA-- When the word phablet was coined and had eventually gone mainstream, there were mainly to jump in quick with their opinions on how “stupid” or “dumb” and large(5+ inch) phone would be. Fast forward a few years and not only has Apple gone against their beloved and once leader Steve Jobs when he stated, “no one is going to buy” a big phone, but now even Google’s Nexus line is about to be released with a huge 5.9 inch display.

Now this isn't about “who did it first” or who’s phone is “currently” the best one on the market, but this is rather a great time to see the market still has room to grow. In being a Samsung Note 3 owner myself and just waiting to see how the Nexus 6 lines up, I for one welcome the larger “phablet” style devices.

It’s only when you own a phablet sized phone for a stint and then try to go back to a smaller device, will you then understand why so many people are slowly transitioning to a larger smartphone. Our devices are becoming more and more like multimedia hubs in our pockets, and with WiFi hot spots popping up in more and more locations it seems to make sense to have a device that can do everything while being and enjoyable experience on your eyes.

Will the Nexus 6 be a “big” success when it is released in the next week or so? Most likely as Google has a hardcore following in the same but not as extreme sense as Apple does. While there will be plenty of Nexus 5 owners who will not be jumping so quickly to get such a large device, there will be other “phablet” owners who may drop their current device in favour for a “pure” Android experience.

The Nexus 6 has been rumoured to be released as early as next week and has been pretty much guaranteed to out be the months end. Along with Google releasing another flagship device will they also be showcasing and distributing Android L, the highly anticipated and materialistic new Android version. So let the good times roll and the holidays begin early for Android owners, just as long as your carrier isn't so quick to lock-down and not distribute an Android L update.

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