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What The World Cup Means To Me - Jonathan Parkinson

The World Cup Comes Every 4 Years, and Every 4 Years The World Is United About One Thing, Football

What The World Cup Means To Me - Jonathan Parkinson

WORLD CUP-- Every four years the world comes together to watch the biggest sporting spectacle in a nation chosen to host it. Whether you are a fan of the sport of not, the gravity of such an event will drawn in nearly everyone as long as their nation is involved(or you are just a pessimistic individual). This World Cup in Brazil during the 2014 calendar year may be the best one yet, now the tournament hasn't ended yet but until this point the games for the most part have been spectacular with drama and upsets.

What the World Cup means to me is a bit controversial as an Englishman, on one hand I would probably cry tears of joy if we won, on the other I am one who chooses club before country every time. This is just because of the way the English national team is not only ran but also displayed through our media and its over expectations.

Maybe this has a lot to do with the club I support and the amount of success it’s had in my lifetime, with almost a folklore about them its hard to accept anything other than winning or at least in the running to win some major silverware. The way the current Premier League is setup in correspondence to when the World Cup is as far as what time of the year, it really does a disservice to the entire nation and not just the players. In the Premier League the FA looks to put as many games into a single season as possible, that’s with tournaments both domestic and throughout Europe included.

Now getting back to the rest of the World Cup, because in no way do I let my teams problems ruin such a beautiful tournament for me, especially with it only coming every 4 years. The culture, the nations and the love of the sport is what makes this such a special event. As I tell my American friends, “The World Cup is like a world war without literally going to war and killing one another.”

The passion of the fans can be felt through the television sets around the world, stadiums 1,000 of miles away and across oceans are filled as if the game was played there. As they say, “football is a religion,” and even better yet is the way HBO talk show host John Oliver said,

"When David Beckham got tattoo of Jesus, most people said, 'that's a huge deal for Jesus'"

THis brings up another valid point, and not necessarily the above quote but the entire video in which Mr. Oliver stated about the mixture of knowing the curruption that the World Cup brings(Fiifa in particular) and my passion for the greatest sport ever. I’ll let him tell you in the video below.

Jonathan Parkinson:
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