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When a Parent Takes Action

Simone Baker did not handle the thought of a teacher hurting her child very well. So she went down to his school and took action.
When a Parent Takes Action

Have you ever been so angry at your child's teacher that you wanted to beat the crap out her?  For most parents, that's a fantasy that they will never get to enact, and wouldn't even if the situation presented itself.  Well, one mother in Kansas City turned fantasy into reality, and received a criminal assault citation for her efforts. 


Simone Baker, 24 year-old mother, notified the school principal that she was heading down to Truman Elementary School at approximately 6:00 p.m. on Thursday night.  Either Baker informed the principal of her intentions before-hand, or the principal gained a sense of what was about to happen from the tone of Baker's voice.  Either way, the principal gathered a group of folks together, a posse if you will, to head Baker off at the pass.  Unfortunately, the principal arrived just after the altercation had already ended. 


So, here's how the incident went down.  Baker first informed the teacher that the latter should never touch her son again. She then punched the teacher between five and ten times in the head.  She then resorted to yanking the teacher up out of her chair by the hair, and then smashed the teacher's head twice against a filing cabinet.  Baker then ran out of the room and exited the building.  Thankfully, the incident occurred so late in the day that no students were present to witness the event.  The teacher was given a thorough check-up at a nearby hospital but was released after no significant injuries were discovered.


So why did Baker beat up a kindergarten teacher?  What did she mean when she said “don't touch my son again?”  It turns out that Baker took the word of her six-year-old son when he came home from school with a scratch on his neck and blamed the scratch on the teacher.  Her son stated that the teacher inflicted the scratch on him during a punishment.  It has since been confirmed that an incident did occur between the teacher and the child, but no details were released as to what exactly happened between the two.  The boy has since informed the police and officials at the school that the teacher did not do anything to deliberately hurt him.


Moms who were interviewed by news reporters after the incident took different stances with regard to Baker's actions.  While some parents were supportive of a mother who would go to any lengths to protect her child, others believed she should have taken the high road and acted more like an adult.  Though, it doesn't sound like Baker was the kind of person who would have been satisfied with simply reporting the teacher to the appropriate administrative authorities who could take action to reprimand her or, if necessary, terminate her employment.  Baker wanted to make sure the teacher wouldn't hurt her son “ever again,” even if that meant beating that idea into her, without having to wait for long-term red tape to clear.

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