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Where has Halloween gone?!

Remember when we were kids and Halloween was a magical time of happiness and role-play? Remember when the whole neighborhood came together in trust and unity for the sake of the children and their spooky imaginations?

What happened to that?

Where has Halloween gone?!

Go look outside your neighborhood on Thursday and make a list of what has changed since you were a child. I bet you the list will be longer than you anticipate.

In modern, politically correct times everyone is so incredibly frightened to step on a strangers toes that we have to sacrifice our time honored traditions in order to accommodate to an increasingly diverse population, because if we do not we run the risk of a law suit or going to jail.

Alright so we are not offending people. That's cool and all, however WTF happened to Halloween?! Where are the trick-or-treaters? Where are the blissful little kids running around pretending to be fantastical creatures collecting massive hauls of candy?

They are kept indoors and kept “safe” because parents these days are made to understand that if they let their kids go to a strange neighborhood and collect candy that they will most likely be abducted, raped, poisoned or murdered.

Our media is forcing us to live in a state of perpetual fear! From super-conservative church groups to public awareness advertisements, parents are being told, “Do NOT trust your community and do NOT trust your children. You, parent, know what is best.” demotes the once fun-filled night of celebration saying, “The original Halloween was a hellish night of Baal worship and child sacrifice,” and, “ While many deem Halloween as harmless fun and fantasy, Halloween subtlety disarms our (and especially our children) discernment of witches and the occult.”

We are letting hateful fanatics dictate what should be our own decisions. Which holidays will be next?! Want to know when the last time Halloween activities were banned? It was in the late 1700s when the self-righteous Puritans were establishing settlements on the east coast. This was the group that burned and hung thousands of “witches” for practicing anything other than Christianity.

Our sense of community has got to completely to shit because of this puritan mentality. Now, if you want to live your life in fear of “sin” because you have to be better than everyone else, then that is your exclusive right, but when those extremist ideals start affecting my ability to share my favorite, once-a-year childhood activities with my own kids, well then I have a problem.

I miss seeing kids dressed up and interacting with friendly people in exchange for candy. Shit, maybe virtual trick-or-treating would be more accepted. Virtual interaction is all the community we have these days anyway.

And if you are afraid of your kid receiving bad or poison candy then just do a little damn work for once and check their bag!

Halloween is a time for community. No flipping six year old is actually out there practicing evil-worship, because all they are interested in is dressing up and raking in the candy. Mind blowing, I know. If we keep teaching our youth that communal interaction is a bad thing of which should be treated with a suspicious eye, then guess where it will eventually lead to: No more damn interaction at all. I do not want that for my children. I want to be able to trust them walking through a neighborhood knocking on strangers doors and asking them for candy. I want to be able to trust in the power of community because, well, without it we will die as a people, as a country and as a culture.


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