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Why Do Some People Get Angrier When They Drink?

Are you an angry drunk? Studies show it's likely to be caused on how your outlook on life is.

Why Do Some People Get Angrier When They Drink?

BLAME IT ON THE…-- Have you ever noticed that when some people drink, they tend to get a little more angrier than most? Are you one of those people perhaps where it seems you are in more fights than not when going out for a social drink? Well don’t worry, alcohol has been around a long long time and more and more studies are showing that it’s not only chemistry that plays a role, but also ones vision in how they see their future.

Ohio State University Scientists conducted a type of experiment in which it would seek out as to why some of us get angrier when we drink and others don’t. During this experiment these Ohio State University scientists conducted the tests with 495 different participants, regardless of their backgrounds. The test was designed to see how violently each participant would react when it came to an electric shock while also being induced with alcohol.

The way the experiment was set up was to first test the electric shock before they drink, in order to find the right amount that was bearable while still getting the point across. Once that was done the users were then given multiple drinks, some of them had more alcohol than others, while others had alcohol sprayed on the edges of the cup to trick the users into thinking there was more alcohol inside than others. The results that were concluded from the test were as expected, though the reason why was what the tests were really about.

Once the effects of the alcohol kicked in, a user was placed on a computer that would face them off with another person on another computer in which they could not see or hear one another. The users would play a game in which the loser would be shocked by the winner, who could then shock the loser for any desirable length of time. There was a catch though.

Each participant was never in fact playing against someone else, but rather the scientists set it up to give the winner a winning rate of 50%. The shock the loser was feeling was all computer generated in order to see how the participant would react once it was their turn to “win”.

The big result came when the scientists concluded that when particular people live in “the now” and don’t plan for the future were more likely to have anger issues. Those that were more conscious of the long term goal in life were less likely to have a rise in anger. This is all due to the effects of understanding consequences, as a person living for today doesnt look past the moment and will usually miss “the bigger” picture.

A quote from Brad Bushman, who was the lead author of the study had a statement that stood out above the rest,

‘If you're that kind of person, you really should watch your drinking. Combining alcohol with a focus on the present can be a recipe for disaster.’

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