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Why Getting Older Rocks

Grow old and be glad about it

Why Getting Older Rocks
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“I don’t want to get older!” This is a common phrase said by human’s on each birthday, after turning twenty-years-old. No one wants to grow older because no one wants to be another year closer to death. For some it is more about the vanity, they don’t want to grow older because they don’t want the wrinkles or grey hair. Of course, there’s always the possibility of losing one’s motor functions and memories so who would want to grow older?

However, despite the wrinkles, memory loss and other growing old frustrations, there are quite a few positive aspects of the entire aging process. The truth is it is possible you can have more energy, as you grow older. Surprising isn’t it? There are various other positives that go along with growing older and here are just a few:

Senior Discounts – Get food, hotels and other items at a discounted price, early bird specials and so much more. Of course, this doesn’t exactly make the whole growing older part that wonderful but it sure does soften the blow.

Less worry about the future – Once you’ve reached 50-years-old you don’t have to worry about finding the right person for you or figuring out what you want to do with your life because you’ve probably already done it.

You’ll be with a more mature person (hopefully) – One would think that after a certain age we’ve gone through the maturity process and are no longer growing and maturing. Therefore we’ll be in a far more mature relationship and this can help reduce the fights between the couples.

You have a career – You have a career whether or not it’s the one you’ve always dreamt of, it’s a career and you’re settled into a life that works for you. You also probably have a higher education than you would have at a younger age.

You realize looks aren’t everything – You’re so far past the point of caring how you look or checking yourself in the mirror every few minutes.

You can finally justify going to bed at 9:30pm – When we’re younger we can’t go to bed any earlier than 11pm because we don’t want to make our peers think we’re weak. Once we’ve reached 60 or older we can finally hit the hay at 9:30pm without second guessing our decision.

Retirement – Need we say more than that? Who doesn’t look forward to retirement and being able to afford to pay the bills and be self-sufficient without having to work? Retirement is probably one of the best things about getting older.

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