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Why Loki Should Be Admired, Not Feared

Love Loki don't fear him

Why Loki Should Be Admired, Not Feared
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Superhero movies have a very simple formula, a superhero fights a villain using super human powers and strength and the crowd is supposed to root for the superhero and against the villain. However, this writer believes that there is one, “villain,” that fans should route for not against and that is Loki from Thor: The Dark World.

 It might seem a bit strange to root for a character who so desperately tried to destroy everything his brother, Thor, was trying to rebuild in their realm of Asguard, but fans just can’t help but love the mischievous Loki.

British actor, Tom Hiddleston, who has given new meaning to the word, charismatic, plays Loki in the Thor films as well as in Marvel’s: The Avengers, film that came out last year. Hiddleston gave the mischievous and somewhat devious character something that most villains do not have, charisma and likeability. Of course, part of his likeability came at the hands of the directors and writers but it was Hiddleston’s acting skills that took the fan-frenzy over the top. According to Hiddleston the key to Loki is that he is always having a good time regardless of the situation and what he is doing. In order to make his portrayal of Loki believable Hiddleston had to completely embrace all that Loki was and love every part of the character, which from what could be seen in the films is exactly what he did.

Co-star and superhero, Chris Hemsworth, was intended to be the star of the film, the one everyone rooted for and fawned over but Loki would not be ignored. It was the first film that this writer found herself captivated by the villain and hoping beyond all hope that he would not meet his maker by the end of the film. Luckily for fans the writer and director also saw the importance of what Hiddleston was doing with the character and kept Loki around, even when it seemed he had fallen to his death at the end of the first Thor film. He returned for Marvel’s The Avengers and from the looks of it will be working side-by-side with his brother, Thor, to fight a villain much scarier than he.

The Avengers film had a cast that any audience would love to see over and over again including major forces such as Robert Downey, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson, but Hiddleston was the one who stole every scene and captivated audiences who went in ready to root for the Avengers to win. By the time the film ended fans found themselves relieved that Loki was not killed off and would probably resurface in future films. This writer in particular is extremely excited that Hiddleston seems to have a much more visible role in Thor: The Dark World, in theaters November 8, 2013.

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