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Wild, wonderful West Virginia

An incredible capture of a perfect sunrise out in nature

Wild, wonderful West Virginia
West Virginia sun rise photo by Jodi Emmer

Among the Appalachians there are many states that have a part of the mountain chains in them.  They stretch from Georgia to Vermont and they get very high and very low.  They offer an incredibly dynamic array of outdoor activities in every state. 

In the colder ones there is skiing and sledding and cross country skiing and hiking.  In the warmer states there are more options such as hiking the trails and finding lakes to swim in or visiting your favorite Bed and Breakfast in some of the tourist towns.

In Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia there is tubing.  This activity involves a rubber tube and a river that gentle pulls you downstream.  The facility that you rent the tubes from lets you off at one location and picks you up downstream at another location at a pre-arranged time.  This is one of the more popular activities to do on a lazy weekend.  You can take the kids and get in some sun time and spend it enjoying the outdoors and nature as you take in the breathtaking scenery of the Catoctin or the Potomac River depending on the water lines at the time of your trip down river.

There are also canoe and kayak rentals in which to also catch a glimpse of the nature and scenery found upon the lower Appalachians of Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.  These states at Harper’s ferry mix into each other in such a way that you do not always know which state you happen to be in at any given moment unless you have a very technically advanced compass.

The River carves through the mountains and offers and incredible view of the trees and plant life living on each side of the river bend.  In most places the tree line is so thick that you cannot see the cars or the road so you can almost imagine yourself being in your own world where there are no cars or people if that is your wish.

There are also plenty of places to go camping in Harper’s Ferry.  There are state parks and lakes and the closest town to really get some great historical tours would be Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

I can’t say enough great things about Shepherdstown.  This is a beautiful town with amazing restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, unusual trinket boutiques, strange people who tend to wander around talking to themselves without caring who or what is coming at them.  The town is built around Shepherd College, which was established over 100 years ago.   There is a small town library that is very proud of its historical society and the same with the book shop.

Visit the Shepherdstown Sweet shop, it is one of the best shops for cupcakes and coffee and a lot of other pastries and snack foods.  The Lost Dog Café is a local coffee shop which offers an ambience to the town that is unlike any other.  The entire town is basically three blocks long and three blocks wide.  Not a whole lot to miss the first time around.  But on a sunny day in summer, you can jump in the river a few blocks away and get dressed up for dinner and then walk the entire town and be in bed before nine.



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