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Windows 8.1 Update Rolls Out Today

Fans of both the Metro U/I and the Windows 7 start button are glad to hear that they will have the best of both worlds
Windows 8.1 Update Rolls Out Today
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Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 has been released today with a few new key features that are actually not so new at all. Fans of both the Metro U/I and the old school start button are glad to hear that they will have the best of both worlds. The start menu is back, kinda, that is with the same feel as the original but just a new look. In other words it runs like the traditional Windows 7 start button but it has a look a feel of the Windows 8 metro.

One of the better features that is coming with the upgrade to Windows 8.1 is the multiple application ‘Snap View’, where you can place a few application windows together at once and interact with them side by side. With this new update it most likely won't drive Apple users over to Windows or even get Linux users to go mainstream, but it does look like it could potentially slow the bleeding that has been occurring in losing more customers from it’s current user base.

Metro 8 is definitely bringing Microsoft into the modern feel of keeping the same look and feel across multiple devices no matter what their screen size or functional purpose is. The new snap view will allow up to 8 full applications to run on a single desktop side by side, so table top screens can have a more ideal use for multitasking for example.

The real question will be in seeing if metro 8 will eventually adapt for all windows 8 users, because the more popular open sourced operating systems become like Linux and then Google’s Chrome OS is both as functional online as it is offline, Windows might need to be thinking of something innovative quick because they are putting a lot of money and effort into a market no one seems to be raving about these days, or since the 1990’s. Right now Apple’s Mac devices are the leading PC’s in both functionality and user friendliness, it’s just the price point is too high that stops it just short from completely owning the high end market for PC’s and killing off Microsoft.

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