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Wise Words For Mariota & The Free Agency Is Changing The Strengths Of Many NFL Teams

Wise Words For Mariota & The Free Agency Is Changing The Strengths Of Many NFL Teams
By Flickr user hyku via Wikimedia Commons

$$$-- Money means success for most people but it looks like the money sign is being represented as a mistake dude to Johnny Manzels on the field, off the field production. TMZ caught up with Method Man who is an avid Jets fan and had some wie words for Oregon’s Marcus Mariota,

"Mariota, I wish you luck, brother. Hopefully, your first season will be aces. Don't do (the Money Manziel sign), that's a jinx, alright?"

Method Man's sentiments echo throughout most of the NFL community on every player though to be honest. He also talks about his approval of both the addition of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall in the video.

Even though Method Man had some wise words for the Oregon quarterback who is linked to go in the first round, he doesn't want the Jets to waste the number 6 pick on him. Even with these acquisitions Method Man doesn't think the Jets can overtake the Patriots just yet, with the addition of so many new players and a new coaching scheme, the team will surely have a few growing pains throughout  next season.

With the Miami Dolphins signing Suh and the Buffalo Bills getting head coach Rex Ryan, the divisional games should turnout to be some great games. The NFC East also had a bit of a shake up with the Philadelphia Eagles trading McCoy, Foles and Macline, then signing Ryan mathews, Demarco Murray and Sam Bradford. The COwboys then replace Murray with McFadden on a 2 year deal worth up to $5.9 million.

These has been one of the busiests free agency with plenty of players worth picking up that can make or break a run at the Super Bowl for few NFL teams. While the Seahawks improved their redzone offence in signing Jimmy Graham, defending Super Bowl Champions, The New England Patriots have only released players to allow them to test free agency.

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