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Woman In London Proves Torture Of Animal Testing

Protests against animal testing 

Woman In London Proves Torture Of Animal Testing
Photo Credit: LUSH

“Not tested on animals,” is something that many people have begun to look for before they purchase any products from the store to make sure they are not encouraging and supporting testing on animals. Unfortunately such a tragedy still exists no matter how often people have protested. Lab rats, cats, dogs and all sorts of animals are constantly being tortured, mangled and injured by scientists testing out large corporations products before sending them to market.

Far too often do people look at animals as nothing more than a test product, as things without feelings or thought, which is far from the case.

Animals feel pain and they want nothing more than to live and love their humans, they do not wish nor deserve to be tortured for some major corporation to make millions. This is what led Jacqueline Traide, a performance artist, into the open window of LUSH’s Regent Street window in London, England.

Throughout the process of her protest, Traide performed all the acts of what animals go through during the cruel testing of scientists. For ten grueling hours Traide performed her act and tried to show the world just how terrible animal testing can be.

Wires coming from her head and an incredibly uncomfortable mouthpiece widening her jaw, Traide tried her best to prove her point. Being force fed food that looked similar to vomit and having her head shaved painfully while being forced to drink milk.

While the entire process was nothing more than a performance on her part, it was mean to create a public outcry against animal testing and public debate. The purpose was for LUSH and Traide to show the world just how archaic and horrible testing on animals can be.

All products that are tested on animals can be made just the same without animal testing, so the purpose for animal testing truly holds no justification. While most people had a positive reaction to the display others protested the female as the victim. The protestors stated that she appeared too overly sexual and make it seem as though she were being raped as opposed to an animal being tested on. Regardless of how people received the protest her message was clear, animal testing is cruel and completely unnecessary.

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