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Working Online Isn't A Job Says The 9 To 5ers

Working 9-5 is what most people think of when it comes to a job, but those of us that work online have different ideas about what a job really is

Working Online Isn

9 To 5-- I feel sorry for anyone who still works a traditional 9 to 5 job personally, especially when there are a plethora of new jobs only growing on the Internet. In speaking to various sources I have come to a pretty safe conclusion that there is still a group of individuals who think that a person must given a schedule, clock into a solid building and have their lives run around it for it to be considered a job. Sadly this cannot be further from the truth, and it looks as if some of us are getting it while those few others are still running around the maze looking for that piece of cheese in which it's going to give them the life they've been told to seek.

The problem is there is no cheese in that race anymore, as more and more corporations take over and apply cheaper tactics in cutting costs while only looking only to increase their margin of profit. Those of us that have jumped online, especially the younger generations who have grown up with the Internet, or at least grew up in the 90’s to see it evolve in what we have today, have taken full advantage of these wonderful new career opportunities.

Personally speaking, I have a few older relatives that cannot or will not grasp the idea that myself and others alike have the opportunity to work from virtually anywhere. Now of course this comes at a bit of a sacrifice, but that is to be expected at any job no matter where you are located or what you are doing. With the pay being a little sporadic at times and the chance of a raise slim to none more often than not, you must give up those traditional benefits and ideas in order to have the lifestyle in which I myself have. You got to really sit down and think, am I extremely materialistic in needing to spend spend spend to be happy or is traveling, working your own hours(for the most part) and doing things your way going to result in more happiness.

Traveling, moving on a seconds notice, working your own hours, working from bed and pretty much writing your own rules is the benefits I chose to work online. Don’t get me wrong though, there are times I have a heavy quota and have the candle burning night and day getting things done, but that's why it's still called work. This is a price I am willing to pay and no it most likely won't be for everyone, especially for those that lack the self motivation and need someone to tell them what to do on a daily/weekly basis.

Would I want to go back to a 9-5 job or even a job like that in general no matter what the hours were? Very very unlikely, probably at a 10% chance of saying yes I would and a 90% chance of saying not a chance. There is just something about having personal freedom that lets you think for yourself, use your creative ideas and not getting burnt out from being told what to do from a job that you are only keeping in order to pay the bills. On a side note, I put in more hours per day than the average 9 to 5er does, and for every hour they work, I tend to work two. So don;t think this is the "easy"  way out of not having to work hard, this is for the passionate individuals that like writing, developing, creating and helping others while being extremely self motivated.

You live and then you die, just make sure you never forget to live, before you unfortunately have to die.

Jonathan Parkinson:
Covering Traveling, Technology & Sports among other such topics, and whether it’s through my writing or creating videos, unique content is what I do. When I’m not busy working, I enjoy a bit of footy, gadgets, traveling and the millions of things in which life has to offer.

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