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Yanc Pro - The Pebble Notification App That Dominates The Rest

YaNC Pro Notifications May In-fact Be The Android Application You Need For Your Pebble Smartwatch

Yanc Pro - The Pebble Notification App That Dominates The Rest

PEBBLE-- The Pebble Smartwatch has been a huge kickstarter success, even with Android Wear debuting it still holds onto the reign as being the most functional Smartwatch out of them all. The one thing that seems to be a consistent gripe with the Pebble Smartwatch however, is getting the notifications setup right and with enough rich information to be comfortable in not needing to pick up your phone in order to fully grasp a particular notification.

Well thankfully developer Andrea Torlaschi whipped up a nice Android app by the name of YaNC PRO Notifications. This application is one I would recommend the developers over at Pebble HQ to look at when it comes to getting it done right. Whether you want to read an email notification or a Google Hangout message, you don’t need to worry about seeing any extra text such as the messages CSS properties.

Even though there are plenty of free applications in the Google Play Store, none of them give you the full notifications in the same sense as this application does. For example, here is a sample list at some of the features you get with the YaNC Pro Notifications Android application;

-Set Quiet Hours

-Dismiss Notifications Straight From Your Pebble

-Control Vibration On/Off From Pebble

-Change Text Size & Font Styles

-Remove Blank Lines

-4 Slots For Tasker

-Filter Notifications Out With Certain Text

-Show Images (4.4+)

-See Recent Call History(In-App Purchase)

-Make Calls From Recent Call History(In-App Purchase)

-Select Apps You Want To receive Notifications From


So as we can see from the list above there are some great features inside the YaNC Pro Notifications app for Android. However, it may be a little easier for you to get a feel for it with a video. Here is a quick video overview of this application, remember it is only available for Android devices and it’s best if you are running Android version 4.4 or higher in order to get all the features, even though it’s still worth it in my personal opinion.

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