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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Noseiness

Don't worry about what everyone else is doing if it doesn't effect you

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Noseiness

We have all had that person in our lives at one time or another that are nosey about other peoples lives. Peeping through the cracks in their blinds from within their house in a creepy fashion along with their 20 cats and no friends. Okay, well they might not have the 20 cats and no friends but it seems as if they should be that way since they are so nosey into other peoples lives, lives that seem more important than their own.

The one neighbor or person you may have known or are having to deal with currently is one thing, but when a person or group of people from our government start to pry into other peoples lives and regulate them is where the line needs to be drawn. I am firmly for the notion of whatever you do in your home is totally up to you, just as long as it has no effect on others and of course not putting any children in harm or traumatic effects that may scare them in the future that are within that said home.

Two examples that have been on the hotseat for sometime now are both marijuana and gay marriage. I find it baffling that these topics are still being fought over so intensely, mind you it is usually in those areas that are a few years behind in comparison to some of the more progressive states. Neither of the two subjects just mentioned have any effect on my life, but that doesn't mean I would go out of my way to prevent them from happening just because they are not apart of my daily life.

When it comes to marijuana laws you are starting to see more and more statistics that debunk those old ideologies. Whether it is the fact that no one has died from marijuana or a more recent study that shows “potheads” are as likely to be in a car accident as a completely 100% sober person. The potential revenue that could help lower taxes, improve infrastructure and go into donations towards fixing our broken education system is just one of the many benefits. Hemp, the male none psychotropic version of the plant has some of the strongest fibers in the world, but alas big corporations don't want a game changer to come in and ruin their profits.

As for the fight against gay marriage, there should be no offense to anyone, just live the life you want. All I am worried about is fixing this mess we call a government and continually improving our economy. However some people are fighting for the sake of marriage, that thing that comes before a divorce, and statistics show the divorce rate is increasing while marriages are on the decline also.

I just hate seeing so many resources being put into controlling other people's lives on agendas that have no effect on each of our lives whatsoever, whatever happened to this being a country founded on the principle of freedom? Let people do what they want to do and worry about your own life, and that goes double for our corporate sponsored government and people fighting in the name of the flying spaghetti monster.

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