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Young Female ‘Craigslist Killer’ Could Be 1 of Worst Female Serial Killers

Young Female ‘Craigslist Killer’ Could Be 1 of Worst Female Serial Killers
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19-year-old Miranda Barbour may very well be one of the most prolific female killer in U.S. history, if her recent confession holds true.  According to Barbour, she has killed at least 22 other people, since she began killing with the unnamed leader of a satanic cult in Alaska.  She claimed she “stopped counting” when she reached 22 people.

Barbour and her husband, Elytte, are in a Pennsylvania jail awaiting trial after the vicious slaying of 42-year-old Tony LaFerrara.  LaFerrara’s killing is thought to be a “thrill kill” in celebration of Miranda and Elytte Barbour’s 3-week wedding anniversary.  Miranda apparently lured LaFerrara online through a Craigslist ad, offering him “companionship.”  When the two met, Elytte was allegedly stashed in the back of the couple’s Honda CRV, waiting for a signal from his young wife.

Barbour claims she tested LaFerrara, telling him she was only 16. When he told her he would still be willing to have sex with her, she reportedly lost control, apparently responding to her own rage as a molestation victim.  Her husband allegedly strangled 275-pound LaFerrara with a cable, and Miranda allegedly finished the gruesome murder by stabbing him violently a total of 20 times. 

She explains, “I did this to people who did bad things and didn’t deserve to be here anymore,” and went on to issue the warning, “If I were to be released, I would do this again.” 

Miranda and Elytte Barbour both initially pled not guilty, as they separately went before a Pennsylvania State Court in Sunbury, Pennsylvania in December.  They both face the death penalty for LaFerrara’s brutal murder, and LaFerrara’s family believes both of the “newlywed killers” deserve this punishment. An unnamed representative for the family stated they believed “anything less than the death penalty would be unacceptable.”

So far, there is no confirmation or evidence linking Miranda Barbour to any further killings, although the investigation may take some time.  The murders, she claims, occurred across the country, spanning as far out as Alaska. For now, she will await trial for LaFerrara’s murder while local authorities in the areas in question work with the FBI to uncover the truth.              

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