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YouTube's Alex Day Owns Up to "Manipulative Relationships" Allegations

This is a sad day indeed for Day fans.

Fans of YouTuber Alex Day were crushed to read Day’s confession on his Tumblr account late last week that he had been involved in "manipulative relationships" with people in the past. 

The admission really hit home when Day wrote at the end of the post that he had asked the website for DFTBA Records (a digital music record label launched by the “vlogbrothers” and founded in 2008) to take his merchandise down, citing that they were previously unsure of what to do when Day had stated that he did not do anything wrong, but later on realizing that he had, he asked them to go ahead and pull the plug. 

It’s sobering indeed to conduct a search for “Alex Day,” one of DFTBA’s formerly prized pupils, only to find that his CDs, posters, and other merchandise “cannot be found.”

Day had earned a significant YouTube following with his video series “Alex Reads Twilight,” in which he poked fun at the books in the Twilight series.  He also created a popular card game entitled “Sopio”, and he even gave a TED talk on his once blossoming musical career that included, amongst others, “Forever Yours,” the track with which he tried fervently to make the UK’s Christmas Number One.  (It ultimately reached number four on the UK Top 40 hits chart.)

This whole mess started with recent allegations made against fellow YouTuber and musician Tom Milsom, someone with whom Day has collaborated in the past (“Across the Sea”) and who was allegedly involved with an underage girl (her 15, him 22) in an “abusive and manipulative” relationship.  As far as we can tell, there’s no word yet on what will become of this situation. 

Around the same time that these allegations came out, Day made a post about the dangers that could result from, essentially, meeting your YouTube heroes.  That’s when the allegations started pouring in against him.

Green wrote in a Tumblr post that he was thoroughly saddened by the whole situation, and that he had “no doubt” that both Milsom and Day took advantage of other people.  He then posted a subsequent video to the vlogbrothers channel in which he discussed sexual abuse, consent (or the lack thereof), and sex in modern culture.

This is seriously unfortunate for DFTBA Records, who now have to suffer the backlash of what has since been deemed the “DFTBA Sexual Abuse Scandal,” though the music and merchandise from all three of the accused artists (another artist, Mike Lombardo, was just recently sentenced to five years in Federal prison) have been removed from the DFTBA website.

What’s deeply unsettling is the sheer number of women who came forward against Day - of course not because they came forward, but because they seem to have done so all at once.  The list is staggering, and as of this post, was up to around 13 or 14 women. 

Such allegations include an ex saying he bought her a plane ticket from her home in Seattle to London so they could “hook up,” to others saying that he would ask to “skip the one hour of her saying no” before they finally had sex.  The ex, however, believes herself to be one of the “lucky” ones in that she did not experience what other women are claiming.

DFTBA Records cofounder and musician Alan Lastufka made a Tumblr post as well, in which he indicated that he has made a $1,000 donation to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), as that is what he estimates was earned from his collaboration with Milsom on their release, Taking Leave.  No word yet from how Day will proceed going forward, but even if his manipulations didn’t involve anyone who was underage, he should probably do something similar.  While it may not save his career at this point, it’d be a good place to start. 

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